Auto Accident Injury

You Need to See Your Chiropractor Right Away after an Auto Accident Injury

Every year, six million people in the USA are involved in an auto accident. About two million of those Americans will develop a condition called whiplash. The symptoms of this kind of auto accident injury can become debilitating weeks, months, or even years after the auto accident injury that caused them. Your chiropractor is the health professional best equipped to help you deal with them. Here are three things our chiropractor in Greensboro at Williams Chiropractic wants you to know about whiplash.


Whiplash Is an Insidious Condition

Whiplash is caused by inflammation of the muscles of the neck, which swell and tug on the vertebrae in the cervical spine, the bones in your neck. Pulling the cervical vertebrae out of their normal alignment can cause tension on muscles in the neck and face, and pressure on nerves that leave the spine in the neck to carry nerve messages to and from the arms.

Whiplash Causes a Constellation of Symptoms

An astonishing variety of symptoms can result from whiplash. Tension from the muscles of your neck can cause jaw problems and temporal headaches. Muscle tension can also cause blurry vision and slurred speech.

People who have whiplash can develop tingling, burning, or numbness in their fingers. They can have chronic shoulder pain. As for those who alter their posture to relieve neck pain from whiplash, they can develop other symptoms that our chiropractor can recognize and treat.

Chiropractors Have a Variety of Techniques and Tools for Dealing with Whiplash

Most patients are familiar with the hands-on chiropractic manipulation to realign the spine, but these methods are hardly the only methods or tools at your chiropractor's disposal.

Our chiropractor may distinguish whiplash from other kinds of spinal injuries with x-ray, MRI, or a procedure called motion and static palpation. Our chiropractor will assess your spinal joints for tightness, tenderness, and range of motion. Our chiropractor will also be able to infer your spinal health from how you walk and your posture.

Our chiropractor can identify joints with limited range of motion or unusual tightness, called subluxations, with specific spinal manipulation, involving a thrusting motion. Or our chiropractor may use an even gentler, non-thrusting technique called flexion-distraction. There are also computer-guided, instrument-assisted methods of technique for very precise manipulation of the spine.

Our chiropractor treats pain with ultrasound, TENS, trigger point therapy, or therapeutic massage, among many other methods. But all the methods our chiropractor will use to treat whiplash are non-surgical and drug-free.

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